Week 5: Who’s Tracking Mud?

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A metaphor used in the Master Key Experience is the Golden Buddha. The Golden Buddha represents the true essence of who you are, as you were when you came into this world.

But, as we grew older, you were introduced to doubt, fear, consternation, and lots of negative feedback. This is called “mud”.

This “mud” hides who you are and manifests itself into what others would call bad habits.

Whether it’s a good or bad habit, the subconscious works on your conscious mind to “get er done.”

One good habit I have that gnaws on me if I skip too many days is exercising. For 43+ years I have exercised on average 340 days every year. If I miss a few days in a row, I get fidgety and sort of feeling of pent-up angst.

In Og Mandino’s book, the Greatest Salesman in the World: Scroll I, it commands “only a habit can subdue another habit.”

In June 2019, I suffered a neck injury and a neurological problem that kept me dizzy or imbalanced most of every day for 10 months. Fortunately, my symptoms are subsiding and I’m getting closer to my ole self.

Initially, my good habit of walking lured me to the streets even though I increasingly wobbled like I was drunk. Within three weeks, my disorder got so bad I couldn’t remain standing for any length of time. My good habit was replaced with feelings of dreed that sometimes made me think I was heading for the end.

Although this is week 5 of the Master Key Experience, all my “mud” is still crusted on my Golden Buddha, but I am developing cracks and shedding a few flakes.

Well, if you excuse me, I have some mud to clean up.


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