Week 4: Choice

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In this week’s webinar, Mark makes a bold statement, “This is the week most of you are going to quit.”

My immediate thought was, “you mean this course is going to get harder, and most will quit because of it?”

As Mark went further with his statement, he essentially said most people quit being indecisive about committing to the Master Key Experience. You’ll either be “all in” or “quit” being “all in”.

It all boils down to a choice.

Choice is an “in your face” word because it represents an absolute movement. You either move forward, move back, or stay where you are, which is a movement and has multitudes of outcome.

About 10 years ago I’m driving north down a two-lane country road at dusk going to the grocery store. To my left are a row of trees ahead which shadow the roadway even further.

So, I’m stuck behind a slow-moving pickup truck and I’m thinking, “I don’t have all day here”, so I look ahead for headlights to see if it’s safe to pass.

It looks clear so I choose to pass.

Right before I make my move, a sense came over me questioning my decision. Am I in that big of a hurry? “No” I thought, so I gave it up.

The instant I thought “no”, a dark blue SUV with its headlights off whizzed by me. I hadn’t seen it. It was camouflaged by the trees.

With the power of choice, one outcome should be, “I’m dead.”

Although this past week isn’t that melodramatic, the Master Key Experience has been somewhat of a struggle.

Getting my Definite Major Purpose (DMP) to be in harmony with my subconscious has been an arduous journey.

But making all these word choices to harmonize my true intent is demanded if I want to manifest what I want. But words are not just words, they’re definitive, and if they’re not pure, then I cannot manifest what I want.

Mark is right, I quit.

I quit my past and choose my future.


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