Week 1: A Terrifying Resurgence for Purpose

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This week reminds me of an experience I had with my Buick.

Driving along a worn path to the restaurant parking lot, I anticipated no issues driving through a one-inch puddle of water.

Except the puddle was 1 ½ feet deep.

As the water came rushing through my engine firewall, I was stunned. How deep is the water and is my car totaled?

Week 1 of the Master Key Experience Program sort of parallels in spirit what happened with my car.

I thought Master Key Experience (MKE) might be another variation of personal development, a means by which to empower you to improve your life.

Nope, not a variation, but something that challenges your inner self at its deepest level.

The initial premise is everything in your life is controlled from within, or your subconscious mind and MKE will train you how to rewrite the programs controlling you since birth.

And the master key into your inner mind is purpose.

I’m only in week 1 and purpose has a lot of moving parts. This will be a challenging program for me. Unlike other personal development programs taken, the path into your inner mind can be a little scarier.


  1. I love this analogy and can totally relate! Years ago, I was driving my VW down a road in my hometown that often floods. All of a sudden, i was no longer “driving” my car because it was floating. I paid a couple of kids to push me onto dry land. Consider me that kid in this process for you. You’ve got lots of tools at your disposal and you’ll do great!

  2. Awesome David, I can identify with you. This is like no other course. This really does empower you in a way to where you are revealed to your true authentic nature. What we all were to be from the start until life get placed on us and the cement starts. Glad you are here and looking forward to seeing your growth.

  3. I have heard the analogy of it being like drinking from a fire hose… I suppose this is similar. Certainly a bit overwhelming once you realize that that puddle that looks so shallow (probably because you were comparing it to other experiences) is way deeper than expected. The journey inside can be much like that at times. Stay the course it is worth it. Looking forward to seeing where it takes you!

  4. What a great way to look at this great experience. I have always heard about this way of developing a great life but never have had the opportunity to find such a great course. Keep it up David

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