Week 7: Confirmation

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Decades ago I wanted a convertible. On my initial search I looked at a Fiat Spider 2000 and added it to my list of maybes. As I drove around town looking for other possibilities, I couldn’t find another Fiat Spider anywhere on the road.

After my search I decided on the Fiat Spider and bought it. Amazing thing, thereafter I saw them everywhere.

In some respects, the Master Key Experience (MKE) has kind of been the same way. I knew it was something I wanted but I was having trouble seeing confirmation. MKE seems like the right path but I wasn’t recognizing other travelers.

My past week experiences unveiled what I was blind to see.

When I examined closer the images and voices of everyone and everything around me, they were all calling me with their message. But I heard other voices, like the Simple 6 webinar and Victor Frankel’s book Meaning of Life, that voiced confirmation in-line with MKE.

I see the need and desire to shut out the voices who don’t have my interests at heart, and never did, and program my inner voice to what I want and born to be.

Rebirth be the journey.


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