Week 6: A Post Title Cannot Give Feelings Their True Measure

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This week’s webinar put me through conflicting feelings during and after the webinar.

As the webinar progressed, I became nonchalant about the process. More tasks, more linking, colors, shapes, movie poster, blah, blah; blah. The process to unlocking my power within seemed to be getting further away than getting clearer. Had I made the right decision continuing with the Master Key Experience?

During the webinar Mark said something that disturbed me. He said we had to let some people go because they weren’t committed to continuing. And with that, he moved on and metaphorically didn’t look back.

If I fall or someone else, surely they’ll be others to pick you up and help you take another step? But that’s not ‘should be’ reality. There are many decision points in your life, and it’s all you. I felt bad for the students who wouldn’t be going forward, but it’s what had to be, their decisions manifested their outcome.

So there am I wallowing on my teeter totter of emotions. Should I go, should I stay? And the webinar kept moving forward promising what my life will be.

I listen to the webinar but I can’t wait for it to end. I need to decompress my thoughts; I need to do my exercises. Then afterwards, I’m going to watch a movie because I need a distraction from this and I’ll hit it again tomorrow.

So I’m jumping on my rebounder and I start thinking about what Mark said about the fallen and this week’s assignment of creating your movie poster. And the movie poster gets me thinking about where I am in my Press Release, the summation of my Definite Major Purpose (DMP).

And then it hit me, I like that much better than where I am now.

I’m not going to watch a movie tonight, I got things to do, like writing this blog post.

I’ve got a basket of manifestations encrusting the bejesus out of my inner Golden Buddha. My movie night would have been the nightmare of yesterdays.

Tomorrow I’ll start working on coming attractions to my brighter future.


  1. Yes!!! So glad you chose the path you did! And for those who chose otherwise, we will be here when they are truly ready.

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